Rochester Kickball Rules

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Official Kickball Rules

  2. Players: 10 fielders per team (10-15 Players on the roster)
  3. Substitutions: Free substitutions in the field, everyone kicks.
  4. Innings: A regulation game is 7 innings.
  5. Scoring: A tie game after 7 innings will be declared a Tie unless it is a playoff game.
  6. 10 Fielders (7 Minimum). You need a minimum of 3 Women on the Field. (6 Men, 4 Women) (5 Men, 3 Women). You CAN’T have three Men kick in a row.
  7. PLAY: This game is based on softball with some added rules
    i. Men CAN’T kick three times in a row.
    ii. Strike Zone is the plate plus 1 foot on either side and 1/2 foot high. The height of the ball is measured from the bottom of the ball at the highest point of the last bounce.
    iii. Ball must be thrown underhand.
    i. Men CAN’T kick three times in a row.
    ii. Ball must cross the plate before it is kicked or a foul ball is called.
    iii. Fair balls must cross the bunt line in fair territory before it is touched.
    iv. Balls touched before the bunt line are foul.
    v. No dangerous sliding or diving while running the bases.
    vi. A team kicking list must be submitted to the Referee before the game. One list of men and women are to be submitted to the referee. No men can kick twice before another men has kicked and so forth (A man can’t 5 times when another men only kicked 3 times). No Women can kick twice before another girl has kicked and so forth (A Women can’t 5 times when another girl only kicked 3 times). If a team decides to alternate girl/boy this is also fine.
    vii. Runners may be thrown out by hitting them directly with the ball.
    viii. Balls may not be thrown at runners above the shoulders.
    viiii. No leading off or stealing.
    x. If a ball is thrown out of play then the runner only advances one base.
    xi. A ball must be kicked 20 feet. If a ball stops before the bunt line the kick will be counted as a strike.  Men are not ALLOWED to purposely bunt. If men do bunt it will be counted as a strike. All bunting calls will be made by the discretion of the referee.
  9. No challenges, all umpire calls are final. Only Captains may discuss a call with the Umpire.
  10. Obey the Greece Town Park or City of Buffalo Park Rules and Regulations.
  11. HAVE FUN

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