Buffalo Kickball Rules

GoFlingo Sport and Social Club

Official Kickball Rules

When sliding you have to stay where the base was If you slide with the bag you are no longer still safe
You can slide into home plate
Catchers must be at least 5ft behind the plate
If a bunt touches the bunt line its fair it no longer has to cross the line
No movement until the ball is kicked or its a ball, this includes the catcher

Official Rules
2. Start of game is done with - Rock, Paper, Scissors, best of 3, winner picks if they want Home or Away.
3. COED Rules: 10 Fielders (6 minimum).
1 Female - Forfeit
2 Females - 4 Males
3 Females - 6 Males
4 Females - 6 Males
4. Players: 10 fielders per team (10-15 Players on the roster)
5. Teams MUST provide a player lineup to the umpire with first name and last Initial of all kickers. Players can be
added if they come in late. No more than two guys in a row kicking. Substitutions: Free substitutions in the
field (guy for guy, girl for girl), everyone kicks up to 15 players.
6. Field: GoFlingo Kickball field bases are approximately 60 feet apart, the pitcher's mound is approximately 30
feet from home plate.
7. Innings: A regulation game is 7 innings. If a game is rained out and 4 innings are done the game will be called
complete. Otherwise the game will be rescheduled.
8. Scoring: A tie game after 7 innings will be declared a Tie unless it is a playoff game. If time permits the umpire
has the discretion of playing extra innings. If it is a playoff game the game will continue with a female runner
on 2 nd base at the start of every inning and counts start at 1-1 for each batter.
9. There is a line from 1 st base to 3 rd base diagonally across the field which cannot be crossed until the ball is
kicked. FIELDERS ARE TO HAVE NO MOVEMENT until a ball is kicked including the catcher.
10. When sliding into a base, and the base kicks out, the runner is to remain where the base was to be safe.
The ground should be spray painted.
11. If you are on your feet and get hit in the head, you will be called safe. If you are sliding the head shot rule is
removed and you will be out if hit there.
12. If a pitch bounces only twice before reaching the plate it will be called a ball unless the batter decides to kick
it. If the third bounce is on the plate it is considered a good pitch.
13. Field: GoFlingo Kickball field bases are approximately 60 feet apart, the pitcher's mound is approximately 30
feet from home plate.

14. When a ball is kicked and is touching the foul line or the bunt line, the ball is considered FAIR. Only the umpire
will call foul balls and will point to fair territory for fair balls but say nothing. Players and Fans are NOT
ALLOWED to yell FAIR or FOUL balls as it can be confusing to the players.

15. For high kicks the infield fly rule is not called automatically. However if the fielder is deemed by the umpire to
intentionally drop the ball, all runners will be safe.
16. PLAY: This game is based on softball with some added rules
A. Catchers
1) Must be at least 5 feet behind the plate.
A. Fielders
1) Must have 3 outfielders, 1 pitcher, 1 catcher and 3 infielders
B. Pitching
1) Strike zone is the plate plus 1 foot on either side and 1/2 foot high. The height of the ball is measured from
the bottom of the ball at the highest point of the last bounce.
2) Ball must be thrown underhand.
3). 4 balls is a walk, 3 strikes is an out (foul on the 3rd strike is an out). A foul ball counts as a strike.
C. Kicking
1) Men CAN NOT bunt nor kick three times in a row.
2) Ball must cross the plate before it is kicked or a foul ball is called.
3) Fair balls must touch the bunt line before it is touched in order to be fair.
4) Balls touched before the bunt lines are foul.
5) All bunts are at the discretion of the referee to be called foul or fair.
D. Runners

1) Safety Base (Orange) at First Base must be used whenever the ball is kicked into the infield or if
there is a play at first base or the runner will be called OUT. If the ball is kicked into the outfield
then the runner may use first base to round the bag to second base. In this case, the first
baseman must move off the bag to allow the runner to round first otherwise it will be called
obstruction and the runner will automatically be called safe at second.
2) No running into the catcher or dangerous, out of control sliding will be tolerated. The runner
will be called out.
3) Players must follow the batting order and there can be no more the 2 men in a row. If there are
a lot of men, women can kick again (IN ORDER OF THE LINEUP) to ensure this rule is in place.
4) Runners may tag up as in softball as soon as the kickball is touched by the fielder. Runners do
not need to wait until the ball is completely caught as balls occasionally will bounce up in the air
off the fielders.
5) Runners may be thrown out by hitting them directly with the ball.
6) Balls may not be thrown at runners above the shoulders.
7) No leading off or stealing or a player will be called out.
8) If a runner intentionally runs into a fielder, or is out of control when running and runs into a
fielder, they will be called OUT. This is completely up to the discretion of the umpire and may
not be argued.
9) If a ball is thrown out of play, the runner will advance to the base they were going plus one.

17. NO CHALLENGES, all umpire calls are final. Only the Captain of the team can discuss a call with the Umpire.